931 Greyhound Café 泰滋味套餐 Delicious Thai Set (兩位用 For Two)


套餐包括 Each Set Includes:

前菜 Appetizers (選一 Choose One)

– 泰式辣汁粟米沙律 Spicy Thai-Style Corn Salad
– 黑蘑菇忌廉湯Black Mushroom Cream Soup
– 松露油炒雜菌Roasted Mixed Mushroom in Truffle Oil
– 特色凱撒沙律Caesar Salad with Country Style Dressing


主菜Main Course 主菜 (選一 Choose One)

– 泰式河蝦冬蔭功湯河粉 Noodles in Tom Yum Koong
– 海鮮冬蔭功炒螺絲粉 Fusilli with Seafood Tom Yum
– 帶子、蘆筍,香草寬麵 Fettuccine with Seared Scallops, Asparagus in Light Pesto Cream Sauce
– 黃咖哩海鮮炒河 Stir-Fried Seafood Yellow Curry Flat Noodles
– 鮮蝦炒金邊粉 Phad Thai with Fresh Prawns
– 香草辣椒豬肉碎配飯 Minced Pork with Sweet Basil and Hot Chilies
– 海鮮菠蘿炒飯 Famous Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood
– 香紅咖哩鴨飯 Red Curry Roasted Duck on Rice